Quantum Languaging

These days, we are all being bombarded by an incessant onslaught of media, and stimuli, and any number of beeping, blinking, extra very urgent incoming messages, notifications, ads, prompts and reminders, all vying for as many chunks of our attention as they can grab. This incessant barrage of nonstop input is absolutely changing the way our brains function, and inhibiting our capacity to take in new information.

According to a recent Microsoft study, the average human attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish, which itself tops out at a whopping nine seconds. What that means is that the bulk of our communication is getting lost in the ethers of overwhelm, and simply isn’t landing.

We all have our own experiences of this: We speak with passion, intelligence and conviction about meaningful topics, and yet, we don’t feel heard. We think we’re going the distance to communicate clearly and compassionately with our colleagues and co-creators, and yet our projects are slowed, and our aims derailed by communication breakdowns.

And then there’s the matter of our hyper-polarized cultural climate, which has us navigating tough conversations wherein we come up against perspectives we don’t understand, and that challenge our own, and that all too often erupt in heated arguments wherein we are fighting to be right, and shouting to be heard, while we talk past each other and offer brilliant perspectives that no one actually hears, let alone groks or integrates.

The fact of the matter is that people are overstimulated, overwhelmed and very (very) fragmented. This means that for our messages to land, and achieve their intended results, it is on us to take the necessary measures to cut through the noise and the confusion, and to craft those messages with clarity, precision and Ninja-like efficiency, while making deft and masterful use of our every single word.

Now, more than ever, it is important for us to communicate in ways that uplift and expand, inspire and empower, unify and harmonize, accelerate and optimize. It is time to embrace a communication paradigm that allows our messages to land quickly and effectively, while supporting us in realizing our potential, achieving our goals, expanding our awareness and strengthening our relationships.

Quantum Languaging is a system of communication that does all these things, and more. Based on the understanding that language is the fundamental building block of our entire reality, Quantum Languaging is a new communication paradigm that extends beyond words’ simple dictionary definitions, and takes into account their energetic frequencies, and the effects those frequencies have on the people we are addressing, as well as on ourselves and the world at large.

Guided by the principles of Quantum Languaging, instead of thinking, “I’m tired of being broke,” we would replace the thought with “I’m committed to financial freedom.” Instead of telling our team, “Your sales calls are running too long,” we say, “Let’s commit to finishing our sales calls in six minutes, tops.” And, instead of fighting aging, or declaring ourselves anti-war, we embrace our timeless beauty, and stand for peace.

I explain the principles of Quantum Languaging, and how words create our reality, in my book, Word Up: Little Langauging Hacks for Big Change, which I recommend purchasing immediately.

I am available for individual coaching, as well as for group and organizational consulting. As well, I offer talks and workshops customized to your business or endeavor. Check out the “Services” section of my site to get a feel for what I offer and how I work, and then contact me to set up a discovery call, and get to upleveling your communication patterns for the infinitely more empowered and effective, immediately.


• Quantum Languaging empowers both the speaker and the audience alike – affirming our equality, our competence and our connectedness, thus harmonizing relationship dynamics, streamlining collaborations and upgrading work environments.


• Quantum Languaging captures our audience’s attention quickly, while expanding those we are addressing such that they easily receive and integrate our messages, without having to meander around any unconscious signals that would otherwise inspire shut down, defensiveness or pushback.


• Quantum Languaging allows us to peacefully and effectively exchange ideas with folks who hold differing ideas, beliefs and priorities, thus paving the way for collaborative solutions that serve everyone involved.


• Quantum Languaging collapses the perceived distance between our loftiest ambitions and our present moment reality, while supporting us in realizing our potential and manifesting our dreams.