As a Quantum Languaging consultant, I work with individuals and organizations – think tanks (Intellectual Ventures), tech outfits, production companies (Elevate Films, Court Five Entertainment) marketing and branding agencies, as well as with entrepreneurs (Yes Cacao), consulting firms (Corral Consulting), athletic teams, philanthropic groups (Women In Film), et al – supporting impactful, high-performing needle-movers and game-changers in optimizing their internal and customer-facing communication culture.

Utilizing my finely honed 5D ear, I listen, observe, track, analyze and delve deep into discovery to root out the communication inefficacies and distortions hampering the mission, alienating customers, sabotaging profits, and chipping away at the harmony and efficacy of the team.

I consult directly with individual team members, as well as with the collective in its entirety, sharing practical tools, languaging upgrades and collaborative communication strategies (along with individual and group coaching) that serve to cohere the team, and refine and optimize individual and group efforts in service to greater efficacy, efficiency, productivity and profit, as well as collective alchemy and job satisfaction.

While I consult on site, as well as remotely, the current global – ahem – situation has made it easy for me to tune into those increasingly popular Zoom calls, wherein I can seamlessly observe the group dynamics unfolding in the digital conference space.

Message me to schedule a discovery call, wherein we can discuss your organizations’ goals and challenges, and custom craft a consulting package that allows me to support you in optimizing your team, your efforts, your execution and your bottom line, immediately.


Understanding that words have vibrations and those vibrations have power and potency is a revelation.

Conversations with my colleagues have moved to a higher level of relating and collaboration. Word choice has become specific and directional and dialogues are now empowering. Practicing language awareness with my team has become foundational in our ability to up level our contributions within the organization. We model a positive and inclusive team dynamic, and people are noticing.

– Deb Peat, Intellectual Ventures



Transformational/Empowered Badassery

1:1 Coaching


Dani is expanded, in the sense that she opens things up wider, and points to things that exist, but which most of us don’t see. She makes the invisible visible. She is perpetually at the periphery, creating stepping stones for people to see more, be more, and go further. She is a way shower, in the truest sense – a pathfinder waking people up to their true leadership.

                         – Nina, CEO


As an evolutionary change-agent, Dani is devoted to supporting leaders, CEOs and high-level thinkers, be-ers and doers in knowing and embodying their most authentic, empowered selves. Armed with her trademark brand of bold, fierce, tender, unconditional love, and unwavering devotion, Dani guides self-responsible badasses through the transformational process with a diverse array of tools and techniques that support folks in transmuting their shadows into practical gifts that fortify their purpose, expand their impact, and make their lives and relationships, as well as our world at large, infinitely more wonderful.

Part of a rarified soul family known as the “Blue Rays”, Dani is highly empathic and deeply intuitive, carrying a unique and nuanced wisdom that cuts through any and all illusions, indoctrination and programming. She masterfully guides her clients in taking back their power from the matrix – its myths, its programs and its false constraints. Duly liberated, Dani supports her high performing clients in embracing, embodying and fully grokking their unique cosmic blueprint, along with their purpose, power and creative agency, while revamping their lives for the optimal, on all levels.


Having prioritized my commitment to personal and planetary awakening eons ago, I have since worked, studied, and apprenticed with countless coaches, therapists, teachers, shamans, mystics, masters, healers, practitioners and medicine men/women, while cultivating and refining an expansive array of tools, techniques and modalities, all in service to knowing, mastering, liberating and empowering myself, while supporting others in doing the same.

My coaching offerings are tailored for expansive, high-level thinkers, be-ers and doers who are committed to their evolution, and are serving the betterment of humanity and planet Earth. To this end, I work with a select handful of leaders, entrepreneurs, high-performers, transformation agents and creatives with big missions, and massive gifts to share with the world.

My work is for you, if you:

  • Know you incarnated to have a major impact on the world/humanity, and yet, you’re not (yet) taking action to this end.
  • Are successfully sharing your incredible gifts with the world, but you’re sacrificing other aspects of yourself and your life in the process, while feeling utterly disenchanted with your “success”/life.
  • Have done A TON of work on yourself, and have unraveled soooo many shadows, while amassing soooo many tools, and yet, your life isn’t reflecting all the spoils and wonderfulness that are your birthright, and that you’ve worked so hard for.
  • Are tired of playing small, people-pleasing, compromising your truth, and twisting yourself into countless pretzel-like shapes while trying to fit into a reality construct that makes no sense to you, and can’t seem to handle your complicated totality.
  • Are over biting your tongue, playing it safe, keeping the peace and sleepwalking your way through tired old relationship dynamics that are no longer satisfying or authentic to who you are now.
  • Are ready, willing and jonesing for a radically different way of living, being, and moving through the world.

The Brass Tacks

Weekly phone sessions are supported by the science of Quantum Languaging™, wherein we dig beneath unconscious, habitual languaging patterns to unearth the blocks, blind spots and limiting beliefs to which they are pointing. This is where the real work begins, as we titrate – tenderly and courageously – into the ancient hurts and early traumas underlying the distortions, and engage the heroic process of what tribal shamans call “soul retrieval”, reuniting with these previously fragmented parts of ourselves, and re-integrating them back into the whole. Once we’ve embraced these parts, we are resourced to rewrite new beliefs and new stories for the infinitely more compassionate and empowering (aka: the fun part).

For clients committing to coaching packages, I use astrological data, Human Design and the Gene Keys hologenetic profiling system to glean an expansive, full-spectrum, multi-dimensional perspective on your inherent genius, shadows, orientations and inclinations.

Single session

Single sessions are great for returning clients, as well as for newcomers wanting to dip their toes into the transformational waters in which we play and co-create.

Single sessions are also an excellent platform in which to flesh out challenging conversations you know you need to have, but aren’t quite clear or resourced as to what to say, or how to say it.


6-Session Transformational Leap

The 6-Session Transformational Leap is a fantastic program for folks ready and willing to shift, pivot, empower, expand and course-correct as inspired.

I recommend this program to people who are itching for change, inspired to step into a higher version of themselves, and ready to transmute outdated stories, beliefs, patterns and victim tendencies for the waaaayyyy more aligned and optimized.

While all programs are tweaked and tailored to fit each individual’s needs and aims, here is a basic overview of the 6-Session Transformational Leap program:

Week 1: Examine your primary challenge in light of your cosmic blueprint.

Week 2: Examine how you are language your primary challenge/life by way of the stories you are telling, angles you are taking, and thoughts you are looping.

Week 3 + 4: Dive into the belief systems and trapped emotions embedded your languaging habits and patterns.

Week 5: Rewrite the beliefs/stories for the infinitely more wonderful, while seeding the future with your goals, visions and highest self.

Week 6: Integration. Onward action steps. Magic.


3-Month Deep Dive

The 3-Month Deep Dive is ideal for courageous, willing badasses who are navigating (or calling in) massive change/transformation, including:

  • Identity overhauls
  • Initiatory phases
  • Major life transitions
  • Deep trauma integration
  • Quantum leaps in consciousness, capacity and empowerment


V.I.P. Quantum Leap

To qualify for the V.I.P. Quantum Leap program, applicants must demonstrate a significant degree of willingness, commitment and courage to be able to devote to daily up-leveling, along with an established set of tools and practices to be used to integrate and delve deeper into the Quantum Leaping process.

Weekly sessions are augmented with daily check-ins, as well as full access to my entire library of courses and webinars.

This program is reserved for a rare handful of next-level high performers who are thoroughly committed to self-mastery, and epic levels of embodied empowerment, and optimized excellence.



The only non-negotiable requirement for working with me is your willingness to take 100% responsibility for your experience of your life. It’s only when we take 100% responsibility for our lives that we are resourced to transform/create the lives we desire, while shifting out of disempowered victimhood, and into conscious reality creation (which is where all the fun is).

Dani gave me the support to lead the way to an organic uncovering of what I needed most from our time together. Every time we came together Dani offered tangible, real-life tools that I could take with me into the world. After every session I discovered a new super power that I didn’t know I had. Never before have I been so comfortable to look at myself in ways that allow me to really feel into, and gain insight from my experiences.

Since working with Dani I have begun to recognize an intuitive trust in myself, my life, and the path I am on. There has been a shift in the way I view my experience and participation in my own life. I am forever grateful to Dani for showing me that life is an endless flow of opportunity for whatever we choose – we just need to say “Yes”.

– Shanleigh


In a single session with Dani, I broke through several patterns that had been holding me back in creating the career I wanted. Dani and I discussed where I was struggling, and very quickly she showed me where my words were creating pathways that I was stuck in. It felt completely easy and freeing to experience her judgment-free reflections. Her combination of straight-shooting honesty and warm championing was a huge relief in the often murky places you can find in your own mind. She is the world’s best spelunker on these journeys. She meets you where you are, and helps you forge the right path to your destination. Truly one of the most powerful coaching experiences I have ever had.

– Kim Howerton, Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach


Dani Katz is a phenomenal life coach who invited me to engage aspects of myself that are uncomfortable, and rethink them as gifts with transformative powers. She also encouraged me to feed my passions and pleasures along with my professional self for the betterment of everyone involved. I cannot thank Dani enough for the profound impact her support has had on me, my company and my family.

– Richard Corral, CEO Corral Consulting


If you are looking to make a positive impact in the world, Dani is the coach you want to work with. Her brand of coaching is direct and inspiring, expansive and encouraging. I had done a lot of work on myself prior to working with Dani. Her coaching sessions helped me to clarify even more what my mission is, and where to focus my energy.

– R. A., thought leader, podcaster and consultant



The Language of Healing

1:1 Coaching

A decade in the downloading, tweaking, beta testing and perfecting, I am thrilled and honored to announce my newest coaching program, the Language of Healing.

Specifically designed for folks who have been diagnosed with cancer and other chronic and degenerative pathologies, the Language of Healing is what one practitioner called, “an indispensable healing tool”, that is supporting a growing community of folks in defying all odds, and experiencing astounding and accelerated healing miracles.

The program supports people facing epic bodily initiations in reframing their diagnoses and their symptoms, as well as the stories that come along with them, and in using language to reprogram their bodies for optimal health and well-being, total recovery and complete remission.

Supported by the science of Quantum Languaging™, and the scientifically-proven precept that our every word and thought is programming every cell in our body in every moment, the Language of Healing is custom-crafted for your specific health challenges, healing protocols and goals.

Whether we are working remotely, or in person, we collaborate closely and intimately, at your just-right pace, to unravel the coding and the hooks laden in your diagnoses and prognoses, along with those embedded in your responses, reactions, fears and thought loops (and your friends’, families’ and doctors’ versions, as well).

Duly untethered from the negative programming, I support you in rewriting your healing journey, and your post-dis-ease success story for yourself, while custom-crafting affirmations, instructions, visions and commands that you utilize to reprogram your body accordingly.

Contact me today to schedule a free discovery call, such that we can go about crafting the just-right Language of Healing program for you, as you rock your heroic healing initiation.


Saturday Salon Group Coaching Community

Join our high-vibe tribe of planetary superheroes at the Saturday Salon Group Coaching Community, where we dream biggest, up-level our languaging patterns, transmute perceived limitations, heal and integrate shadows, share tool and techniques, and create our realities – individual + collective – for the radder.

The only requirements for participation are your willingness to take 100% responsibility for your experience of reality, as well as to speak peace, love, unity, YES and omniscopic possibility into our collective field, as we come together to heal, grow, share, connect, evolve and co-create as a supportive, engaged, loving community of high-vibe, self-responsible badasses.

Join here.

Not feeling ready to sign up for our monthly Saturday Salon membership? I got you, love. Drop-ins are available for a $33 donation, which can be made here.

Yay for options!

Saturday Salon praise:

I appreciate the format, the focused questions and the popcorn style discussion and responses. Also, Dani’s direct involvement, interaction and participation. Dani brings various references, strategies and resources. She is brilliant.

– R.B.

Saturday Salons are a time of honest reflection, love, caring, honest growth among women who want to be their best self.  I find this time energizing and healing. I always leave Saturday Salons feeling lifted.

– J.

I was not anticipating loving Saturday Salons as much as I do.  I look forward to it every week with genuine excitement.  I love that there is a focused exercise each week; and each week I learn something new about myself and feel closer to my truth. I didn’t realize before Saturday Salons how much my own narratives can either hold me back or set me free.

I find myself wanting to dig deeper with Dani because I feel like her no BS way of coaching can really help me and provide the tools I need to break through my own barriers. Dani has the gift of making intuitive, insightful suggestions and developing real life strategies.

– S.A.


My passion for Quantum Languaging™, and all the empowered, evolutionary mojo it portends, informs my every talk, webinar, workshop and homeschool course/curriculum.

Whether I’m delivering a speech on the Language of Collaboration to a group of international tech executives; facilitating a Quantum Languaging™ 101 workshop at the Leaders Causing Leaders conference; teaching manifestation hacks to a group of half-naked psychonauts at the Lightning in a Bottle festival; teaching a dozen high school homeschoolers how to recognize propaganda, and hone their critical thinking skills; or guiding hundreds of high-vibing spiritual women on empowering their co-workers and their client base during a virtual Ra Ma Business School seminar; or touring a three-hour interactive Language of Empowerment workshop across the Pacific Northwest, my audiences always, al(l)ways come away from my events inspired, empowered and illuminated, equipped with practical communication upgrades, consciousness hacks, Quantum Languaging™ tools, and a handful of a-ha moments.

I offer talks, workshops, webinars and livestreams customized to your business or endeavor. I love working closely with organizations – honing in on your specific goals, challenges, tone, vibe and team – to create a pitch perfect, just-right presentation that addresses your specific aims and intentions. My webinars and workshops are interactive, wherein your team’s questions, engagement and participation are welcomed and encouraged.

I offer in-person presentations, as well as virtual versions, and am available to speak at conferences, festivals, private gatherings and special events.

Dani’s Quantum Languaging presentation was simply wonderful. Her suggestions about simple language hacks, and using constructive communication methods were exactly what our team required to continue our exponential growth. Dani’s presentation has our team focusing on positive and powerful word choices, while choosing to speak to each other at work, as well as in the outside world, so as to make a positive impact with each conversation. Thank you, Dani, for such an amazing learning experience. We highly recommend Dani’s book Word Up: Little Languaging Hacks for Big Change, and her presentation on Quantum Languaging.

– Steven Blom, CEO + Founder Taxi Butler

Dani is a fierce cheerleader for linguistic exactitude & the transformation possible therein. In her Quantum Languaging workshop she lovingly encouraged small but mighty ways that we might reframe our languaging, and in so doing alchemize our lives in meaningful and tangible ways. She is a fantastic orator, with a compelling case for clarity. I very much look forward to continuing to learn from her.

– Erica Morton Magill, Co-Founder Los Angeles Yoga Club


Homeschool Educating

As I continue to refine and perfect the homeschool curricula I am creating for the ever-expanding community of parents and students who are welcoming alternatives to the standard issue indoctrination camps being passed off as K-12 schools, I am teaching one high school homeschool course per semester, by request.

Current class offerings include:

Pop Propaganda: How Language and Media Are Used to (Try to) Manipulate You

Reality Creation 101: How to Transform/Empower Yourself (+ the World) with Your Every Word

Due Diligencing: How to Do Your Own Research to Discern Fact from Fiction/Propaganda

All of my classes aim to teach students how to use language to create, empower and transform, while honing their critical thinking skills, and developing their emotional intelligence muscles. The intention is to clue teens in on the methods the matrix minions use to (attempt to) control and enslave, and to resource students with the tools and muscles that will allow them to stand in their sovereign authority, and create their lives and their world according to their most inspired visions.

While I am in the process of creating digital courses that are available for download, I am currently teaching live classes by Zoom as a means of beta testing and refining the curriculum, and communing with the teens, because they’re brilliant and amazing, and I love them so.

As I teach homeschool collectives by request only, message me to discuss and schedule.