Oh, hey there, free-thinking rebel!

Are you feeling enslaved by a jacked-up system attempting to steal your life force and your civil liberties?

Are you feeling disempowered by the matrix, the Man and the MSM, along with snotty retail clerks trying to tell you what to do with your own body?

Are you OVER feeling small, unseen, undervalued, unappreciated and over put-upon by your friends, family, colleagues and community?

Are you ready to STOP victimizing yourself to your external reality, regardless of how it organizes itself?

Watch my LANGUAGE OF SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY webinar NOW, where you will learn:

• how language has been weaponized to enslave + disempower you

• how to recognize weaponized language

• how to use language to ground yourself in the energetics of sovereignty, agency + authority

• how to use language to empower, uplift + liberate yourself + the world

• how to ground yourself in permanent, unfuckwithable empowered agency and sovereignty al(l)ways

• how to evolve our culture from a paradigm of enslavement to a paradigm of empowerment with your every word


Click here to access this game-changing, paradigm-shifting, chock-full o’ superhero tools workshop now.

And yes, the recording can be watched as often as you like. 😉


Dani’s Language of Sovereign Authority webinar was downright AWESOME. I’m loving playing with language to call in a more expansive, unshakeable, fun and embodied experience of sovereignty.

With the Powers that Shouldn’t Be attempting to coerce us on the daily to betray ourselves, I’m grateful for these new languaging hacks to empower me to dismiss this BS through joyfully and intentionally claiming the power and truth that is my birthright. Thank you, Dani!

– Sarah





Join our high-vibe tribe of planetary superheroes at the Saturday Salon Community, where we dream biggest, up-level our languaging patterns, transmute perceived limitations and create our realities – individual + collective – for the radder.

The only requirements for participation are your willingness to take 100% responsibility for your experience of reality, as well as to speak peace, love, unity, YES and omniscopic possibility into our collective field, as we come together to co-create the new earth timeline we are living into.

Join here.

Not feeling ready to sign up for our monthly Saturday Salon membership? I got you, love. Drop-ins are available for a $33 donation, which can be made here.

Yay for options!

Saturday Salon praise:

I appreciate the format, the focused questions and the popcorn style discussion and responses. Also, Dani’s direct involvement, interaction and participation. Dani brings various references, strategies and resources. She is brilliant.

– R.B.

Saturday Salons are a time of honest reflection, love, caring, honest growth among women who want to be their best self.  I find this time energizing and healing. I always leave Saturday Salons feeling lifted.

– J.

I was not anticipating loving Saturday Salons as much as I do.  I look forward to it every week with genuine excitement.  I love that there is a focused exercise each week; and each week I learn something new about myself and feel closer to my truth. I didn’t realize before Saturday Salons how much my own narratives can either hold me back or set me free.

I find myself wanting to dig deeper with Dani because I feel like her no BS way of coaching can really help me and provide the tools I need to break through my own barriers. Dani has the gift of making intuitive, insightful suggestions and developing real life strategies.

– S.A.


In this game-changer of a workshop, Dani Katz – word witch, Quantum Languaging consultant and author of Word Up: Little Languaging Hacks for Big Change:

• explains how language creates our reality

•illuminates the vibrational frequencies encoded within our words

• unpacks the various ways that words function to expand and contract, empower and enslave

• deconstructs the ways that culture attempts to disempower us through language and media

• offers simple languaging hacks and communication tools that include, expand and empower both speaker and audience alike

This 3-hour recorded workshop offers must-have tools and insight for new paradigm leaders, planetary superheroes, visionary change-makers, and 5D Yes folk ready and willing to up-level their communication habits for the infinitely more effective by learning and practicing the tenets of a language of freedom and empowerment in highest service to us All.

Investment: $44.

Click here to download.


Dani is a fierce cheerleader for linguistic exactitude & the transformation possible therein. In her Quantum Languaging workshop she lovingly encourages small but mighty ways that we might reframe our languaging, and in so doing, alchemize our lives in meaningful and tangible ways. She is a fantastic orator, with a compelling case for clarity. I very much look forward to continuing to learn from her.

– Erica Morton Magill, Co-Founder Los Angeles Yoga Club