In this fun, high-vibe workshop, Dani Katz – word witch, Quantum Languaging consultant and author of Word Up: Little Languaging Hacks for Big Change – will:

• explain how language creates our reality

•illuminate the vibrational frequencies encoded within our words

• unpack the various ways that words function to expand and contract, empower and enslave

• offer simple languaging hacks and communication tools that uplift, inspire, include, expand and empower both speaker and audience alike

• guide participants through the process of re-languaging limiting beliefs for the infinitely more supportive, expansive, empowered and aligned


Please join us for this powerful online gathering of new paradigm leaders, planetary superheroes, visionary change-makers, and 5D Yes folk ready and willing to up-level their communication habits for the infinitely radder by learning and practicing the tenets of a language of freedom and empowerment in highest service to us All.


Participation: $44.

Nab your spot immediately.

Dani is a fierce cheerleader for linguistic exactitude & the transformation possible therein. In her Quantum Languaging workshop she lovingly encouraged small but mighty ways that we might reframe our languaging, and in so doing alchemize our lives in meaningful and tangible ways. She is a fantastic orator, with a compelling case for clarity. I very much look forward to continuing to learn from her.

– Erica Morton Magill