Are your languaguing habits sabotaging your success + victimizing you to a lackluster reality, or are they empowering you to consciously craft the life, world and relationships of your dreams?


Quantum languaging is a next-level superhero tool that teaches us how language programs our subconscious minds, as well as reality at large, and how to use our words to uplift, optimize and transform ourselves and our world for the infinitely more wonderful.


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Informed by the understanding that language is the fundamental building block of our entire known reality, this guide offers visionary insight into the vibrational codes embedded within our words. The work sheds timely and relevant light upon the ways we unconsciously language our reality, while offering easy, accessible techniques that support us in up-leveling our communication patterns for the infinitely more harmonious, expansive, empowering, inclusive and effective.

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Enter the magic world of master-wordsmith, Dani Katz, where simple communication tweaks produce transcendental changes. Follow her quirky, entertaining path and watch your world change.

– Gay Hendricks, Ph.D., author of The Big Leap and Conscious Loving


This little book is far more powerful than one might first realize. Sometimes the smallest changes have the greatest effects, and Dani’s little language hacks can change a biting argument into a heart-opening experience. Our whole life is built upon our inner language, so why not refine yours until it shimmer like a jewel? This book can greatly help in that regard. I love it!

– Richard Rudd, author of The Gene Keys


Dani Katz’s voice is indispensable. She understands the music and philosophy of language like few others and she’s magnanimous to share her mastery. A sensei’s guidebook.

– Joe Donnelly, editor LA Weekly, et al



As a quantum communications consultant, I help cutting-edge individuals and organizations optimize their communications culture in service to greater impact, efficacy, harmony and profit, while guiding the individuals involved to empower themselves and actualize their potential.


I guide leaders, high performers, change-makers and rebel badasses in embracing their totality, authenticity and sovereign agency as empowered reality creators. I work exclusively with clients who are ready and willing to take 100% responsibility for their experience of reality.


I am an experienced speaker, educator and facilitator, prone to using white board illustrations along with a bevy of wild gesticulations to ensure that my ideas land, and expand the hearts, minds and perceived possibilities of my every audience – be it the teen home-schoolers I teach about propaganda and critical thinking, or the radiant yogis attending my Language of Eternity workshop.


I have a pronounced knack for translating dense, abstract, esoteric and multidimensional ideas into fun, breezy, accessible copy, which has me collaborating with mystics, futurists and all kinds of visionary thinkers, feelers, seers and knowers devoted to planetary service. That being said, I welcome all projects and clients, especially the needle-moving kind that inspire, uplift and serve humanity.


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