Are your words victimizing you to a crappy word and a lackluster life, or are your words empowering you to consciously craft your every waking moment for the infinitely more wonderful?


Based on the scientific understanding that language is the primary means of programming the human mind, as well as our collective reality construct, Quantum Languaging is a transformational communication paradigm that teaches us to engage words beyond mere dictionary definitions. The science invites us to consider, and intelligently utilize language from the vantage point of their energetic frequencies, and the effects the multidimensional coding embedded in our words has on the people we are addressing, as well as ourselves and the world at large.


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Informed by the understanding that language is the fundamental building block of our entire known reality, this guide offers visionary insight into the vibrational codes embedded within our words. The work sheds timely and relevant light upon the ways we unconsciously language our reality, while offering easy, accessible techniques that support us in up-leveling our communication patterns for the infinitely more harmonious, expansive, empowering, inclusive and effective.

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Enter the magic world of master-wordsmith, Dani Katz, where simple communication tweaks produce transcendental changes. Follow her quirky, entertaining path and watch your world change.

– Gay Hendricks, Ph.D., author of The Big Leap and Conscious Loving


This little book is far more powerful than one might first realize. Sometimes the smallest changes have the greatest effects, and Dani’s little language hacks can change a biting argument into a heart-opening experience. Our whole life is built upon our inner language, so why not refine yours until it shimmer like a jewel? This book can greatly help in that regard. I love it!

– Richard Rudd, author of The Gene Keys


Dani Katz’s voice is indispensable. She understands the music and philosophy of language like few others and she’s magnanimous to share her mastery. A sensei’s guidebook.

– Joe Donnelly, author of L.A. Man


I am a word person…I have always been fascinated by the power of language, and its layered rhythms and effects on the psyche and its under-estimated influence in the world. With that in mind I approached Dani’s book wondering what the hell she could offer. Frankly, I am amazed at what she has wrought. It is so original, so deft, so sweetly illuminating and even scholarly, so fun, that I am happy to recommend it to all comers who want to expand their language wisdom.

– Jay Levin, founder of LA Weekly



– R. Brockway



When it comes to collaboration, respectful, expansive, inclusive communication is key. Quantum Languaging™ fosters the swift, graceful harmonization of the strengths, challenges, tendencies and perspectives of the individual players in service to a singular vision, mission or outcome – be it a better widget, a global peace treaty, a successful start-up launch, a national championship title or an Emmy Award.


I guide visionary leaders, planetary superheroes and rebel badasses to know and master themselves, and to embody their most authentic, empowered selves, utilizing practical tools (including Quantum Languaging™), and encouraging unconditional love, compassion and acceptance for their every aspect and experience. I work exclusively with clients who are ready and willing to take 100% responsibility for their realities, and to author them as they choose.


I am an experienced speaker and facilitator, prone to using white board illustrations along with a bevy of wild gesticulations to ensure that my ideas land, and expand the hearts, minds and perceived possibilities of my every audience. I offer talks, workshops and livestreams customized to your business, conference, retreat or endeavor.

I teach homeschool courses focusing on critical thinking, media literacy, Quantum Languaging™ (aka: applied linguistics). All my courses include emotional intelligence and empowerment building curriculum and course work.


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