As a quantum communications consultant, I help cutting-edge companies and organizations optimize their communications culture in service to greater impact, efficacy, harmony and profit, while guiding the individuals involved to empower themselves and actualize their potential.

Whether I am consulting remotely or onsite, my care, commitment and mastery, combined with my methods, tools and experience allow me to root out distorted communication patterns hampering the mission, sabotaging impact and profits, alienating clients and customers, and chipping away at morale and coherence.

Duly illuminated, I support teams and individuals in upgrading their communication patterns and protocols in service to exponentially amplified efficacy, impact, innovation and profit, as well as coherent, mutually respectful and empowering relationship dynamics.

Alas, I don’t only consult with established organizations inviting support smoothing out their proverbial wrinkles. I also work with start-ups seeking to establish a culture of empowerment, mutual respect and next-level innovation from the get-go, while attracting the funding, support and team members that will allow their projects and their companies to  thrive.

The bigger the vision, the better, as I love helping visionary, game-changing companies obliterate perceived challenges, and any accompanying notions of “impossible”, and achieve what no one has (yet) done before.

Because every organization is unique, my programs and consulting services are custom-tailored to the client’s specific needs and aims, including:

• delivering talks

• facilitating workshops

• mediating conflict

• teaching + implementing quantum languaging protocols for teams, departments, and entire organizations

• advising on copy, internal communications and generalized positioning/framing

• consulting directly with CEOs and executive leadership on day-to-day flow and operational upgrades

Bolstered by groundbreaking Quantum Languaging programs, such as The Language of ExpansionThe Language of Efficiency, The Language of Leadership and The Language of Collaboration, clients consistently report marked upgrades in efficiency, productivity, innovation and profit, not to mention happier, more engaged employees/team members, collaborating in peaceful, productive harmony.

Clients include Intellectual Ventures Laboratory, Taxi Butler, Elevate Films, Women in Film, Yes Cacao, Corral Consulting and the Gene Keys.

To learn more about optimizing your impact and your organization with Quantum Languaging, email me a:





“Dani is a true genius with language and its applications. Her work is incredible.”

– Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys


“Understanding that words have vibrations and those vibrations have power and potency is a revelation.

Conversations with my colleagues have moved to a higher level of relating and collaboration. Word choice has become specific and directional, and dialogues are now empowering.

Practicing language awareness with my team has become foundational in our ability to up-level our contributions within the organization. We model a positive and inclusive team dynamic, and people are noticing.”

– Deb Peat, Intellectual Ventures


1:1 Coaching

“The greatest privilege of a human life is to become a midwife to the awakening of the Soul in another person.”

– Plato


“Dani is expanded, in the sense that she opens things up wider, and points to things that exist, but which most of us don’t see. She makes the invisible visible. She is perpetually at the periphery, creating stepping stones for people to see more, be more, and go further. She is a way-shower, in the truest sense – a pathfinder waking people up to their true leadership.”

                         – Nina, CEO

“Dani’s brilliance is dazzling, dynamic and life-changing, in my (deep) experience…She creates a safe container, making it easy to let go of what no longer serves, as she invites you into an ever-truer and freer experience of self and life. No words can truly convey my appreciation for her catalytic inspiration and clarifying influence.”

                                     – Kathryn, coach

Empowerment Coaching

Having prioritized my commitment to personal and planetary awakening eons ago, I have since worked, studied, and apprenticed with countless coaches, therapists, teachers, shamans, mystics, masters, healers, practitioners and medicine men/women, while cultivating and refining an expansive array of tools, techniques and modalities, all in service to knowing, mastering, liberating and empowering myself, while supporting others in doing the same.

My coaching offerings are tailored for expansive, high-level thinkers, be-ers and doers, who are committed to their evolution, and are serving the betterment of humanity and planet Earth. To this end, I work with a select handful of leaders, entrepreneurs, high-performers, transformation agents and creatives with big missions, and massive gifts to share with the world.

My work is for you, if you:

  • Know you incarnated to have a major impact on the world/humanity, and yet, you’re not (yet) taking action to this end.
  • Are successfully sharing your incredible gifts with the world, but you’re sacrificing other aspects of yourself and your life in the process, while feeling utterly disenchanted with your “success”/life.
  • Have done A TON of work on yourself, and have unraveled soooo many shadows, while amassing soooo many tools, and yet, your life isn’t reflecting all the spoils and wonderfulness that are your birthright, and that you’ve worked so hard for.
  • Are tired of playing small, people-pleasing, compromising your truth, and twisting yourself into countless pretzel-like shapes while trying to fit into a reality construct that makes no sense to you, and can’t seem to handle your complicated totality.
  • Are over biting your tongue, playing it safe, keeping the peace and sleepwalking your way through tired old relationship dynamics that are no longer satisfying or authentic to who you are now.
  • Are ready, willing and jonesing for a radically different way of living, being, and moving through the world.

I offer coaching packages and single sessions. Message me to schedule a free discovery call to learn more:

quantumlanguaging [at] gmail [dot] com


“Every time we came together Dani offered tangible, real-life tools that I could take with me into the world. After every session I discovered a new super power that I didn’t know I had. Never before have I been so comfortable to look at myself in ways that allow me to really feel into, and gain insight from, my experiences.

Since working with Dani I have begun to recognize an intuitive trust in myself, my life, and the path I am on. There has been a shift in the way I view my experience and participation in my own life. I am forever grateful to Dani for showing me that life is an endless flow of opportunity for whatever we choose – we just need to say ‘Yes’.”

– Shanleigh

“In a single session with Dani, I broke through several patterns that had been holding me back in creating the career I wanted. Dani and I discussed where I was struggling, and very quickly she showed me where my words were creating pathways that I was stuck in. It felt completely easy and freeing to experience her judgment-free reflections. Her combination of straight-shooting honesty and warm championing was a huge relief in the often murky places you can find in your own mind. She is the world’s best spelunker on these journeys. She meets you where you are, and helps you forge the right path to your destination. Truly one of the most powerful coaching experiences I have ever had.”

– Kim Howerton, Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach

“Dani Katz is a phenomenal life coach who invited me to engage aspects of myself that are uncomfortable, and rethink them as gifts with transformative powers. She also encouraged me to feed my passions and pleasures along with my professional self for the betterment of everyone involved. I cannot thank Dani enough for the profound impact her support has had on me, my company and my family.”

– Richard Corral, CEO Corral Consulting

The Language of Healing

A decade in the downloading, tweaking, beta testing and perfecting, I am thrilled and honored to announce my newest coaching program, the Language of Healing.

Specifically designed for folks who have been diagnosed with cancer and other chronic and degenerative pathologies, the Language of Healing is what one practitioner called, “an indispensable healing tool”, that is supporting a growing community of folks in defying all odds, and experiencing astounding and accelerated healing miracles.

The program supports people facing epic bodily initiations in reframing their diagnoses and their symptoms, as well as the stories that come along with them, and in using language to reprogram their bodies for optimal health and well-being, total recovery and complete remission.

Supported by the science of Quantum Languaging™, and the scientifically-proven precept that our every word and thought is programming every cell in our body in every moment, the Language of Healing is custom-crafted for your specific health challenges, healing protocols and goals.

Whether we are working remotely, or in person, we collaborate closely and intimately, at your just-right pace, to unravel the coding and the hooks laden in your diagnoses and prognoses, along with those embedded in your responses, reactions, fears and thought loops (and your friends’, families’ and doctors’ versions, as well).

Duly untethered from the negative programming, I support you in rewriting your healing journey, and your post-dis-ease success story for yourself, while custom-crafting affirmations, instructions, visions and commands that you utilize to reprogram your body accordingly.

Contact me today at quantumlanguaging[at]gmail[dot]com to schedule a free discovery call, such that we can go about crafting the just-right Language of Healing program for you, as you rock your heroic healing initiation.


“Dani’s Language of Healing program really helped me through an intense detox that showed up as a first-time sinus infection. It came on as I was breaking through some deep-seeded beliefs around money.

It was a rough start to the healing, marked by loads of full-body and mind resistance. As soon as I remembered what I learned from Dani, and upgraded my language, my heart opened to the experience, and things started to shift, big time. I was able to relax and allow my body to fully express its magic. And I was healed pretty quickly compared to the doom and gloom duration I was reading about these types of infections.

– Stephanie M.


My passion for Quantum Languaging™, and all the empowered, evolutionary mojo it portends, informs my every talk, webinar, workshop and homeschool course/curriculum.

Whether I’m delivering a speech on the Language of Collaboration to a group of international tech executives; facilitating a Quantum Languaging™ 101 workshop at the Leaders Causing Leaders conference; teaching manifestation hacks to a group of half-naked psychonauts at the Lightning in a Bottle festival; teaching a dozen high school homeschoolers how to recognize propaganda, and hone their critical thinking skills; or guiding hundreds of high-vibing spiritual women on empowering their co-workers and their client base during a virtual Ra Ma Business School seminar; or touring a three-hour interactive Language of Empowerment workshop across the Pacific Northwest, my audiences always, al(l)ways come away from my events inspired, empowered and illuminated, equipped with practical communication upgrades, consciousness hacks, Quantum Languaging™ tools, and a handful of a-ha moments.

I offer talks, workshops, webinars and livestreams customized to your business or endeavor. I love working closely with organizations – honing in on your specific goals, challenges, tone, vibe and team – to create a pitch perfect, just-right presentation that addresses your specific aims and intentions. My webinars and workshops are interactive, wherein your team’s questions, engagement and participation are welcomed and encouraged.

I offer in-person presentations, as well as virtual versions, and am available to speak at conferences, festivals, private gatherings and special events.

“Dani’s Quantum Languaging presentation was simply wonderful. Her suggestions about simple language hacks, and using constructive communication methods were exactly what our team required to continue our exponential growth. Dani’s presentation has our team focusing on positive and powerful word choices, while choosing to speak to each other at work, as well as in the outside world, so as to make a positive impact with each conversation. Thank you, Dani, for such an amazing learning experience. We highly recommend Dani’s book Word Up: Little Languaging Hacks for Big Change, and her presentation on Quantum Languaging.”

– Steven Blom, CEO + Founder Taxi Butler

“Dani is a fierce cheerleader for linguistic exactitude & the transformation possible therein. In her Quantum Languaging workshop she lovingly encouraged small but mighty ways that we might reframe our languaging, and in so doing alchemize our lives in meaningful and tangible ways. She is a fantastic orator, with a compelling case for clarity. I very much look forward to continuing to learn from her.”

– Erica Morton Magill, Co-Founder LA Yoga Club