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Oh, hey there, free-thinking rebel!

Are you feeling enslaved by a jacked-up system attempting to steal your life force and your civil liberties?

Are you feeling disempowered by the matrix, the Man and the MSM, along with mind-controlled big-mouths trying to tell you how to think, vote, speak and care for your own body?

Are you OVER feeling small, unseen, undervalued, unappreciated and over put-upon by your friends, family, colleagues and community?

Are you ready to STOP victimizing yourself to your external reality, regardless of how it organizes itself?

Tune in to my LANGUAGE OF SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY webinar NOW, where you will learn:

• how language has been weaponized to enslave + disempower you

• how to recognize weaponized language

• how to use language to ground yourself in the energetics of sovereignty, agency + authority

• how to use language to empower, uplift + liberate yourself + the world

• how to ground yourself in permanent, unfuckwithable empowered agency and sovereignty al(l)ways

• how to evolve our culture from a paradigm of enslavement to a paradigm of empowerment with your every word


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Dani’s Language of Sovereign Authority webinar was downright AWESOME. I’m loving playing with language to call in a more expansive, unshakeable, fun and embodied experience of sovereignty.

With the Powers that Shouldn’t Be attempting to coerce us on the daily to betray ourselves, I’m grateful for these new languaging hacks to empower me to dismiss this BS through joyfully and intentionally claiming the power and truth that is my birthright. Thank you, Dani!

– Sarah

• Are you navigating a health crisis? Wrestling with a chronic condition that continues to linger? That’s getting worse? That’s causing fear? Anxiety? Sadness? Frustration? Self-pity?

• Have you experienced bodily anomalies, pain, discomfort or changes in functioning that inspire late night internet deep dives that lead you to self-diagnose, leap to worst case scenarios, and/or freak-out?

• Are you currently under a health practitioner’s care, while still wrestling with the same ol’ distortions for which you sought support? Are you feeling disempowered by the diagnosis/prognosis/course of treatment/entire medical paradigm?

• Are you tired of being infirm, run-down, weak, tired, achy, allergic and/or inflamed?

The Language of Healing is a life-changing, superhero tool that accelerates the healing process, allowing us to relinquish dis-ease altogether, and thrive.


“This is important work and piece in the healing puzzle.”

– Dr. Amy Amelia Hardwick


Learn how to transmute illness and injury by programming your body with the frequencies of optimal health and well-being in this fun, potent and illuminating 2-hour livestream.

You will come away with a number of simple, practical tools that will allow you to shift your mindset and your frequency, and to reprogram your body/mind for swift healing, optimized functioning, amplified vitality, and so much more…


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In this game-changer of a workshop, you will learn:

• how language creates our reality

• how every word vibrates at its own unique frequency

• the various ways that words function to expand and contract, empower and enslave

• how cultural engineers attempt to disempower us through language and media

• simple languaging hacks and communication tools that include, expand and empower both speaker and audience alike

This 3-hour recorded workshop offers must-have tools and insight for new paradigm leaders, planetary superheroes, visionary change-makers, and 5D Yes folks ready and willing to up-level their communication habits for the infinitely more effective by learning and practicing the tenets of a language of freedom and empowerment in highest service to us All.


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Dani is a fierce cheerleader for linguistic exactitude & the transformation possible therein. In her Quantum Languaging workshop she lovingly encourages small but mighty ways that we might reframe our languaging, and in so doing, alchemize our lives in meaningful and tangible ways. She is a fantastic orator, with a compelling case for clarity. I very much look forward to continuing to learn from her.

– Erica Morton Magill, Co-Founder Los Angeles Yoga Club