Quantum Languaging

What is Quantum Languaging™ ?

Quantum Languaging™ is a new paradigm in communication.

A paradigm of empowerment.

A paradigm of intention.

A paradigm of evolution.

Language is the number one means of programming the subconscious mind, which is responsible for 95% of our experience of reality (according to neuroscience and quantum physics, among oodles of other established scientific disciplines).

Every word we speak, scribble, type and think programs both our subconscious minds, and the quantum field at large, thus directing reality how to configure.

Quantum Languaging™ teaches us to recognize the unconscious habits that are programming our reality with lack, limitation, conflict, suffering, victimhood and failure; while offering simple languaging hacks and communication upgrades that align us with our idealized dreams, goals and visions.

Quantum Languaging™ invites us to expand our understanding of language beyond simple dictionary definitions to include the energetic frequencies encoded in our words, and the effects that coding has on ourselves, the people we are addressing, and the world at large.

Our lives are a direct result of the quality of our words. Whether we are aware of it or not, our every word functions to create reality. Until we understand how are words are programming reality, and which words are working against us, we will continue to perpetuate lackluster lives, and to sabotage our own joy, health, potential, expansion and success.


“We use words to our detriment, until we learn to practice them to our benefit. Quantum Languaging is that practice.”

– Justin Polgar, CEO of Yes Cacao


Quantum Languaging™ is…

….a paradigm of empowerment.

Quantum Languaging™ illuminates the enculturated communication patterns that perpetuate status, inequality and victim consciousness, while offering upgrades that create and sustain coherent fields of harmony, equality, agency and sovereignty – for speaker and audience, alike.

Quantum Languaging™ allows us to claim our sovereign agency with our every word, and to bestow that courtesy upon the people with whom we are communicating.

…a paradigm of intention.

Quantum Languaging™ is a language of manifestation.

Quantum Languaging™ collapses the perceived distance between our visions and our present moment realities, allowing us to exponentially accelerate the materialization process.

Quantum Languaging™  transmutes unconsciously implied limitations,  alchemizing them into confident declarations resonating at the frequencies of can do omniscopic agency.

…a paradigm of evolution.

Quantum Languaging™ is a communication paradigm of personal and collective transformation.

Quantum Languaging™ liberates us from the illusory constraints of the past, while aligning us with the higher vibrational energies and experiences we are expanding into.


Quantum Languaging™ is for:

  • leaders
  • entrepreneurs
  • start-ups
  • innovators
  • peak performers
  • needle-movers, game-changers + paradigm-shifters
  • teachers
  • parents
  • doctors/healers
  • therapists + coaches
  • athletes
  • reality creators
  • people willing to take 100% responsibility for their reality, and who are hip to the fact that empowerment is waaaaay more fun than victimhood