Dani Katz

Equal parts thought leader, trailblazer and word wizard, Dani Katz is a catalyst for evolution. Whether writing, teaching, coaching or podcasting, Dani is a fierce, heart-centered cheerleader for humanity’s freedom, empowerment and win-win solutioning.

A visionary thinker with an über-expanded perspective, Katz has devoted her career to empowering leaders, disruptors and rebel badasses with the tools, skills and confidence necessary to thrive as conscious reality creators.

While resourced with many a high-vibe tool in her superhero repository, Dani’s primary realm of expertise is in words. Her broad spectrum of practical experience and formal studies, combined with a pronounced passion for the metaphysical, inspired her ever-deepening fascination with the energetic frequencies of words. Devoted to understanding how language programs the subconscious mind, and creates the world as we know it, Dani’s impassioned investigations lead her to develop Quantum Languaging – a method of deconstructing and perfecting the myriad ways, whys and hows words shape our every human experience.

In addition to coaching, consulting, speaking and teaching, Dani is the author of The Language of Betterarchy: A Blueprint for Uniting Against Tyranny, Word Up: Little Languaging Hacks for Big Change and Pop Propaganda: An Illustrated Guide, as well as the #1 bestseller, Spirit Hacking, which she wrote for Shaman Durek.

A lifelong learner with an unquenchable thirst for capital-T Truth, Dani pushes every possible edge to its outermost limit – both to transform and awaken her own consciousness, as well as to pave new pathways for the brave, bold badasses she works with. Dani walks her talk, and leads by example, modeling the highs and lows of the transformational path with humor, heart and authenticity, utilizing her decades of devotion to her own healing, whole-ing and awakening to support her coaching + consulting clients.

A trained investigative reporter (MA, USC) with a keen eye for bullshit, a yen for pattern recognition, and a bold-ass voice, Dani has spent more than two decades exposing injustice, unearthing deep Truths, and helping folks safeguard and cultivate their critical thinking.

As a journalist (LA Weekly, Los Angeles Times, Vice, Plandemic 2: Indoctornation) turned cultural critic/podcaster (Words Podcast, Word Up with Dani Katz) with an eye for root causes and win/win solutions, Dani doesn’t simply illuminate society’s shadows, and leave it at that; she goes the extra mile to offer practical remedies and action steps that empower folks to uplift and evolve their world for the better.

A seasoned public speaker, Dani has given talks and facilitated workshops at festivals, conferences and expos the world over (Lightning in a Bottle, Leaders Causing Leaders, Ra Ma Business School, Intellectual Ventures, Taxi Butler, et al).

She has been awarded a number of writing residencies, including stints at Santa Fe Art Institute and Helene Wurlitzer Foundation.

Dani loves hot springs, spaciousness, badass bass lines, and aallll the dance floors. She lives in the middle of an oscillating question mark in the high desert, where she makes mucho magic while forging newer, lovelier frontiers every damn day of her blessed and beautiful life.